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If you live under or near pines or firs, pine needles can cause serious problems in drains. The long, flexible needle falls into the spine. (The easiest way to judge a tree is a pine tree, no other type of conifer is its needle.) If the tree has a needle that forms a packet or a piece called a file, it is a pine tree. If they only have one shot, they do not. They tend to clog drains very quickly because the first thing they do is work together on openings that flow to the lower mouth. Even if some that fall into these beams lead to the entire backup and overflow gutter, if the amount of water from your bottom is limited.

Raptor Gutter Guard

Raptor gutter shields are considered one of the best protections for pine needles, as well as other forms of fine debris. The surface is made of stainless steel micronets that allow water to pass through the surface while preventing various contaminants from entering the drain.

The protection of raptors is strong enough to keep the product intact from the harsh elements of nature. If you don’t, you have a 25-year guarantee. This gutter protection is compatible with systems with a maximum width of 5 inches and does not invalidate the roof warranty during configuration.


  • Efficiently save loose needles.
  • Let the water pass through the surface.
  • It cancels the warranty on the roof.
  • Sustainable stainless steel construction.
  • All material is included.


  • A little water can flow over the edge.

FLO Free Gutter Guard

With this special product, you will get 35 feet in length of foam, which can cover drains and trap pine needles and other forms of debris while allowing water to enter the drainage system again. It takes about two hours to install the entire protection system. While foam can be effective in preventing loose needles and other debris, there is always a question of how often you need to clean the foam.

Something as thin and sharp as a pine needle can easily get stuck on the surface of a bubble. Another question is how effective this nylon protection can be in mold form. After all, it’s a bit like a sponge, staying most of the time. Surprisingly, none of the customers complained about these things, but their negative comments focused more on the space between the roof and the foam, which may not capture the leaves very effectively. Is this really an effective alternative to micronet drain protectors?


  • Maximum precipitation rate.
  • UV protection.
  • It is equipped with three tubes of ultra-waterproof adhesive.


  • The loose needle will be stuck on the surface.


Many good gutter guides do a good job of preventing large debris from being removed from the drain, but how can you keep the drain clean when dealing with something as small and thin as a pine needle? Well, the most common gutter guards aren’t actually good at trapping pine needles, but a few of them can actually do that.

It’s very possible to fix the gutter on your own without the help of professional. Large damage are complicated to handle compared to the smaller ones. Greenworld Gutter Cleaning Service will provide you with professional and quality help.

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