Gutter Guards

Sometimes gutter guards make our lives easier by filtering out the leaves and big debris from gutters. It keeps the gutter flowing without constant maintenance. Gutter covers have its own advantages and disadvantages. Gutter leaf guard is the appropriate word to express it, because for the most part it keeps the leaves from the gutters. Leaves from the trees are the major problems to gutters and gutter leaf guard helps. Gutter guard installation is fairly easy and depends on the type of gutter guards one choose. Some of the famous gutter guards are :

Fine Micro mesh gutter guards

This gutter guard helps keep the leaves and debris off the gutters but this won’t promise less maintenance because the micro mesh could get clogged with small debris. It is easy to install and works with all roof types. Shingle girt could block the micro mesh which requires occasional cleaning, some regular maintenance should keep your gutter clean. This may work for some houses in the tri-valley area where the debris is small particles.

Screen Gutter guards

This gutter guard is made of PVC material. it is easy to install and real value for money. it works well with large and small debris. This snap in gutter guard is designed for easy installation and a simple solution to debris in the roof. The diamond shaped openings keeps the large leaves away and mesh keeps away smaller pine needles .  Some disadvantages are that the plastic may melt in hot sun and may require some help with the initial installation. Screen gutter guard are inexpensive and. It can help keep out large debris and an ideal solution all roof types like shingles, wood etc. but it can get difficult to clean.

Aluminum gutter guards

Aluminium gutter guard is an idea solution to keep animals away from your home. It is easy to install and easy to maintain. it is available in different colors so that you can match your roof/gutters. Aluminium lasts longer and stays stronger compared to the plastic gutter guards. It is durable as opposed to plastic ones. This may fit the description for Pleasanton weather perfectly.

Gutter Helmet / Surface tension:

This is where the water flows over the gutter helmet and enters the gutter through a narrow opening between the gutter helmet and the outside edge of the gutter and debris are filtered to falls off the roof . This is a easy solution but can be used in places where there is less rainfall. Fits perfect for the Bay Area description.