Gutter Repair

Gutter repairs are not fun because it involves climing high up to the roof and dealing with leaky situation.
Few causes for gutter repairs :

  • Falling tree branches
  • Rusting of gutters
  • Windy weather
  • Irregular maintenance

It is advisable to call the pros for help in this cases. There are few common problems which requires a gutter repair, those are listed below:

1. Leakey joints

Gutters could have multiple. It has many joints but those were made seamless for easy flow of rain water. But these joint could get holes due to various reasons like falling tree branch, metal rusting etc. Curves in gutters were places where smooth water-flow should be checked thoroughly. Curve places in the gutters could easily leak. Extra attention is needed during gutter installation to handle curve structures.

2. Holes in the gutter

Fixing holes requires roofing cement and metal fixing patch larger then the actual hole in the gutter. Make sure the patch matches the gutter material otherwise electrolytic corrosion is possible. Scrub the hole and clean any rust apply patch and hold it tight for sometime.

3. Saggy gutters

Saggy gutters could lead to heavy water flow to the downspouts which could lead to overflowing gutters. Overflowing gutters could be a problem to basement and/or the foundation. Overflowing water could cause soil erosion which leads to water entering the foundation, this is a serious problem. Making sure gutter flow is smooth is an important test as part of gutter installation.

4. Raised gutters

At last, gutters cannot be raised either, this could lead to staggered water in the gutters which could eventually lead to leaks and rusting. An easy test is to have a ball run at a slow pace through the gutter and downspouts. Any gutter dameges due to tree branch could lead to raised gutter situation. These gutter repairs maybe easy to do but requires expert eyes to avoid any mistakes.