CleaningWhy is Clogged Underground Gutter Drainage Dangerous?

February 4, 2021by Greenworld0

Clogged Underground Gutter

Connecting your downspouts to underground drainage is a great way to direct rainwater away from the building. When these drains are clogged, it means water does not flow properly. The water will instead find other channels, which could lead to undesired property damage.

Accumulation of debris such as twigs or leaves from nearby trees can block the drainage wholly or partially. For partial, little water will flow, while if blocked completely, water does not flow at all. Clogged underground gutter drainage is dangerous for a variety of reasons.

A Breeding Place for Insects and Plant Habitat

Once your underground drains are blocked, rainwater does not flow smoothly, and at times, it cannot flow at all. This further leads to water stagnation on the gutters, which forms a breeding place for mosquitoes. Additionally, moisture also attracts the growth of dangerous algae on your roofing.

Rusting and Rotting

When water stagnates on the gutters for an extended period, you will begin to notice rust marks. And it extends your guttering system may start to rot, calling for a replacement.

Destroys Siding and Basement

Another big challenge from clogged drainage is that water may begin flowing from the downspouts connection to your basements and destroy it. On the other hand, water that accumulates on the gutters overflows and destroys your siding.

How to Prevent Underground Drainage From Blocking

The best way to prevent your drainage from blocking is by installing gutter covers that filter debris from flowing to the downpipes. You will not have to worry about your drainage clogging during the rainy season with good quality guards.

Also, schedule frequent gutter and drainage cleaning during fall to remove all debris in preparation for the upcoming rains. Give Greenworld Gutter Cleaning Services a call. In addition to guaranteeing the best cleaning services in Pleasanton, CA, you will get a free estimate for the project.


Clogged drainage is disastrous and could lead to losses, especially if it is not identified earlier. It could cost you a lot of money to perform the drainage repair and fix all the other problems brought about by the blocked pipes.

Since debris and dirt from nearby trees are the primary cause of the blockage, a homeowner should look for ways to prevent such problems. Leaf guards and gutter protectors are the ultimate solutions to ensuring water flows properly through the drainage system.

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